Our mission at HSK is to enhance everyone’s digital experience by providing business leaders with innovative and versatile solutions. We take that mission seriously, and strive to accomplish it better each day.

HSK Software Services is an Offshore website development company and reliable partner to help enterprises since 2010.

Leveraging best-in-class talent and technology, we provide quality service to our clients in the form of most sophisticated software as per their requirement.

Founded on 8th FEB 2010, HSK Software Services is firmly determined to develop effective partnership with clients to catch the market speed, reducing cost and thus help them to devote more time to their business.

Why We Are Different

We have built a successful business focusing on client vision. For this we follow best and most innovative strategic practices. This includes investment in technology and above all "people" which no doubt are our most valuable assets.

We have our own service models to identify and fulfil the need of our clients . These models differ for small, medium and large organization. We thus use the most appropriate model to suite a particular need.

In addition to equip the client with best application we also play a key role in educating our clients so that they know what they have been asked for and what they have got. This is where testing come in play.